With the constant changes in EPA regulations and OSHA safety requirements, CO2 is becoming the best choice for industrial refrigeration applications. With a low GWP, A1 classification and its energy efficient capabilities, it is the “triple threat” of refrigerants. CO2 is here to stay and growing every day in popularity. Choose CO2 as your next refrigerant of choice.

Enertherm offers a complete range of CO2 products. Our refrigeration systems offer a level of workmanship that exceeds market requirements. Over the years we have developed innovative clean refrigeration designs that will save you energy and money. We provide patented advanced technologies that are environmentally friendly, reliable, and high quality. This is what you would expect from a leader in the natural refrigeration industry.

Thanks to our rigorous design process, we have become the benchmark in cold production. With our team, you will be assured that you will have the right product for the right application. We make it a point to get you involved in every step of the process. This ensures that the product delivered is the one you need.

Whether it is in food processing, refrigerated warehousing, pharmaceutical or the agri-food industry, Enertherm has the right solution to meet your exacting needs. Our flexibility enables us to produce both hybrid and totally clean systems. Learn more about Enertherm’s customized refrigeration solutions today!


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