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Over 40 Years of Refrigeration Sales & Engineering Design Experience

Representing the U.S. | RefPlus DX and CO2 Refrigeration CO2 Transcritical Systems | Adiabatic Condensers and Gas Coolers | Ammonia Low Charge CU & Chillers

Enertherm Corporation represents only the finest refrigeration equipment on the market today. Representing Synthetic Refrigeration, Low Charge Ammonia and CO2 Transcritical Systems. we specialize in Refrigerated Warehouses & Food Processing Plants, Our full line of refrigeration equipment covers application from small fractional HP to 500 HP and up. Our condensing units and racks have optional controls and accessories available to meet any and all demands. We are one of only a few companies that still believe the customer is king.

Our trained sales staff will provide timely quotes and assist in helping you design a perfect refrigeration system. Call us today: 630.858.8867 or email sales@enertherm.com.